Why You Should Service Your Car

Modern car makers have quite a few labor saving devices that help to automate the manufacturing process. One example is sending components through shot blasting chambers before they are painted. While this chamber creates a few jobs for sweepers and robot mechanics, it entirely eliminates the need to have all parts scoured by handheld grinding brushes. The cost savings are enormous, and this technology for auto manufacturers might also be attractive for your own business.

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The advantage of using sand passed through an air jet is that the entire mass reaches a high velocity and works as quickly as mechanical brushes. It works on surfaces that have angles and also does not leave any patters. The shot creates a uniform surface that has enough abrasions to enable new primer to stick very well. Sand or shot blasting will scour away old paint or rust or anything at a predictable rate and so a predictable wear can be calculated. 

It is possible to remove sections of the car body and then strip them down to bare metal and repaint them. If the job is meant to be highly professional, such as a new paint job on a well maintained classical sports car, then completely disassembling the door frame and having it stripped with a shot blast is one way to prepare the entire surface for a new paint coat. 

Other methods for stripping the car surface includes covering non-metal parts with tough protective barriers and then stripping away the paint surface. While this loses the disadvantages of complete disassembly and repainting, it by passes the needs for an automated chamber and allows for a personal touch. In this case, the sand or shot blasting has to be done by a handheld device, and the results depend on expert hands. It is the best way to resurface a classic car without disassembly. 

Scouring the old paint job evenly with a shot blaster has the advantage of applying the new primer coat to a uniformly textured surface, and this means that one surface is not likely to deteriorate and flake much more quickly than others. It reduces the chances of persistent rust spots. The resulting paint job is smooth and has no bumpy places.

Aside from purchasing the right equipment, selecting among quality shot blasting material suppliers is essential for your business. While shot blast of a given material and size might seem like the same stuff, there might be a difference in terms of longevity and chemical makeup. Shot is made of steel, and there are many types of steel. Weak steel and chromium steel might have different mechanical properties as impact objects.

The differences add up as the shot size gets larger. While a larger shot size is unlikely to be used on the metal sheet of a car surface, a frame might be the subject of larger shot sizes. a fast moving lump of metal has an effect on the surface and alters the mechanical property of the metal. The recoil of shot is an issue worth considering plus the longevity of the material if it is going to be reused.